E-invoicing | Ten tips for choosing your service provider

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01 Check out their technological capacity

Make sure that the provider offers availability commitments for the solution and a help service to deal with any queries and incidents through an SLA (Service Level Agreement) The availability of specific certifications that guarantee the quality of IT processes, such as ISO 20000 or ISAE3402, would be another point to check.

02 Security and reliability

Invoices contain sensitive information. It is therefore crucial that the service provider should guarantee reliability in processing of the information and security in its management and storage, through international standards such as ISO27001, TIER or external audits.

03 Knowledge and experience

It is important that your partner should accredit a high degree of knowledge and experience in the development of global e-invoicing projects in the countries in which you operate.

04 Client portfolio

Check out the number of customers serviced by your partner. Identify whether they really respond to an international profile and weigh up the opinions of these customers.

05 Collaboration agreements with other service providers

In projects requiring third-party participation, the service provider must assure a policy of trusted partnership. This way, you will benefit from a structure of collaborators who provide specific services in the different regions where you have to operate, reserved exclusively for local suppliers in accordance with the different legislations on certifications signatures or specific communications related with e-invoicing.

06 Certificates and relations with tax authorities

Your technology provider must be able to maintain communication lines open with the tax authorities, so that they can keep the solution updated in line with current legislation. In addition, the tax authorities occasionally set out certification processes which technology suppliers have to overcome in order to provide their services in other countries.

07 Permanent and multi-language support line

Personalized and user-friendly support is better than impersonal user help services based on issuing tickets and management of automatic procedures. Having consultants who know the ins and outs of your solution and are able to talk to each user in their own language will be crucial in achieving a swift solution to any doubts, queries or incidents that may arise.

08 Breadth of solutions offered

Electronic invoicing represents part of all the transactions a global e-communications platform can manage. More advanced tech providers must be able to furnish you with solutions and services of greater added value, integrating the management of multiple business transactions through technology such as EDI or CRP/VMI continuous replenishment systems.

09 Financial profitability

Having a financially stable service provider ensures continuity of the service over time.

10 Interoperability

Do not jeopardize your choice of service provider by exclusivity agreements, or link your e-invoicing solution to those without an interoperable communications infrastructure, able to manage the exchange of your e-documents with 100% of your trading partners.


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