E-invoicing | Benefits

Enhanced management process efficiency

Issuing, sending, receiving and recording documents takes place immediately and automaticallY. All processes are integrated with the senders and receivers’ internal management system. This degree of automation significantly reduces the number of errors associated with manual invoice registration.

Cost cutting

The cost of issuing, sending and receiving invoices is drastically reduced. Some studies set this saving at around 90% compared to the cost involved in issuing and managing the same document in paper format.

Faster response times

Efficiency in sending and receiving the document, the immediacy of delivery and the virtual disappearance of errors in issuance of the document result in a significant reduction in response and payment times.

Enhanced security

The possibility of managing sending of these documents through private networks such as VANs (Value Added Networks) or by specific point-to-point protocols like AS2 ensures secure and confidential sending. At the same time, the application of e-signature processes allows sender and receiver better guarantees in terms of content integrity and authenticity of origin.

Integration with management systems

Issuing these documents can be automated based on the data recorded in the internal management systems of suppliers and creditors. Moreover, receiving messages in electronic mode enables recipients to automate invoice validation and consolidation, allowing direct registration in the accounts payable management without any human intervention.