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B2B eInvoicing in Italy
Complete guide to B2B electronic invoicing in Italy
On April 30, 2018, the Inland Revenue Agency published Measure 30/04/2018 and its technical Annex. These define the technical standards for the issuing and receipt of invoices between private companies
Long Term Archiving
Electronic identification and trust services for e-transactions in Europe. The case for electronic storage.
The eIDAS regulation creates a cross-border legal framework that ensures the interoperability of e-identification mechanisms across all EU Member States. Learn more about the document e-archiving system with probative value.
VAT Calendar
EDICOM Calendar 2020 e-Invoicing and VAT compliance
Stay ahead of the key dates for rollout of tax and e-invoicing obligations around the world.
Whitepaper einvoicing europe
E-invoicing with the Public Administration in the European Union
Stay ahead of e-Invocing in Europe with our White Paper: "e-Invoicing with the Public Administration in the European Union". Updated with the latest news from each country!
Whitepaper about PEPPOL Platform in Europe
PEPPOL Platform in Europe
Check out our White Paper on e-Procurement systems in Europe focused on PEPPOL standards and network platform.
Whitepaper nhs e-procurement strategy
NHS e-Procurement Strategy White Paper
This guide covers the most important technical and legal aspects of the new NHS e-Procurement system, and the phases to be undertaken for optimum implementation.
Global e-Invoicing - International electronic invoice
We talk about the status of the electronic invoice in Latin America countries.
Electronic Invoicing in Latin America: A Challenge for American Companies
A B2B2G electronic communications platform with Electronic Invoice and global VAT compliance capabilities.
Electronic invoicing between private companies in Italy (B2B/B2C)
As of January 1st, 2019, e-Invoicing is mandatory for all companies in Italy. Get to Know the main features of this new electronic system.
VAT Compliance White Paper
Global VAT Compliance White Paper
Download this White Paper which includes how the indirect tax VAT works, how it is regulated and what its implications are.
e-Invoicing in Costa Rica
Expert opinion article | e-Invoicing in Costa Rica.
In this Expert Chat we talk to Nathaly Miranda, EDICOM Key Account Manager for Central America on the latest e-invoicing news in Costa Rica.
Business Case Kuraray
Business Case Kuraray
The project focuses on the development of a Global e-Invoicing solution for centralized issuance of electronic invoices adapted to the current legislation of countries in the Latin American region.