Resources | e-Invoicing in-depth

Global VAT Compliance White Paper
Download this White Paper which includes how the indirect tax VAT works, how it is regulated and what its implications are.
Expert opinion article | e-Invoicing in Costa Rica.
In this Expert Chat we talk to Nathaly Miranda, EDICOM Key Account Manager for Central America on the latest e-invoicing news in Costa Rica.
Business Case Kuraray
The project focuses on the development of a Global e-Invoicing solution for centralized issuance of electronic invoices adapted to the current legislation of countries in the Latin American region.
e-Invoicing in Mexico (CFDI)
In this White Paper, we explain how CFDI has involved from the outset, its workings step-by-step, a detailed description of the structure and the benefits it provides.
E-Invoicing in Latin America
This e-book presents all the basic keys to help you manage electronic invoicing in Latin America.
E-Invoicing in Chile
Does your company need to operate in Chile? If so, you should be getting your IT systems ready to issue electronic invoices in compliance with the country’s compulsory e-invoicing system.
E-Invoicing with the Public Administration in France
Learn about the public sector fiscal dematerialization project in France.
E-Invoicing in Turkey
Adapt your billing procedure to the requirements of the Turkish system.
Electronic data exchange in Public Health
Get to know the electronic data interchange platform developed for the Andalusian Health Service (SAS).