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Electronic invoicing in Guatemala will begin with large taxpayers


Guatemala’s electronic invoice will be adopted progressively at the start of 2019’s new FEL system.  The tax administration indicated on its website that...

Electronic invoicing will be mandatory for e-Procurement processes in Portugal from January 2019


Portugal has adopted a model based on Directive 2014/55/EU and will make e-Invoicing with all its public administrations mandatory as of January 2019. As specified in Decree Law No. 111-B / 2017 of August 31 in article 9, billing systems...

DIAN grants more than 1,000 Colombian companies an extension until December to implement e- invoicing


Colombia is moving towards massive widespread use of e-invoicing. The key date for incorporation into the system for all VAT-liable taxpayers is...

Electronic invoicing between private companies is advancing in Europe, what country will be next to implement this measure?


After approval by the European Union of the electronic invoice model between private entities in Italy, the...

B2B/B2C e-Invoicing in Italy: fuel companies to start e-Invoicing on January 2019


The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued a decree law granting an extension to fuel companies that must...


E-Invoicing with the Public Administration in France
Learn about the public sector fiscal dematerialization project in France.