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Mexico’s SAT gears up for significant development of its CFDI e-invoicing schema


Mexico’s SAT (Tax Administration Service) will be updating its CFDI (Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet) billing schema to version 3.3 in 2017, although the current model and the new version are expected to coexist for an interim period to...

e-Invoicing in LATAM: A challenge for multinationals


Multinational with presence in Latin America must not only adapt to the business peculiarities of their regional customers. They must also meet the technical and fiscal specifications of the different countries in everything to do with e-...

MEXICO: PACs (Authorized Certification Providers) to sign Accession Agreement with clients


The "Accession Agreement", binding from January 2017, provides greater protection and legal certainty to issuers of Digital Tax Receipts via Internet (CFDI invoices).


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