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New e-Invoicing developments for 2019 in Europe


Continuing with the Digital Single Market strategy and the inexorable advance of digital transformation, in 2019 several European countries will be developing different electronic strategies applied to e-Invoicing models.

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B2B/B2C e-Invoicing in Italy: fuel companies to start e-Invoicing on January 2019


The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued a decree law granting an extension to fuel companies that must...

Adapt to B2B Inbound and Outbound e-Invoicing


Italy will take the definitive step in B2B e-Invoicing in 2019...

FAQs Before Starting a B2B Electronic Invoicing Project in Italy


Due to the Italian initiative (Legge di Bilancio) that has established the binding nature of use of the B2B electronic invoice between private companies (...

European Union Approves Mandatory B2B e-Invoicing in Italy


B2B e-invoicing between private companies in Italy is now official. Italy has obtained...


E-Invoicing with the Public Administration in France
Learn about the public sector fiscal dematerialization project in France.