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Peru: More than 11,000 companies to adapt to e-invoicing


The e-invoicing project in Peru sets December 2016 as the deadline for inclusion in the system of all businesses qualified as “major taxpayers” to the Lima Authority or regional municipalities and area offices.

Compliant e-Invoicing in the USA


Uptake of electronic invoicing in the United States for tax purposes is very low, although significant growth is expected in the next two years, encouraged by the government drive for its adoption in relations with public administration.


e-Invoicing in Colombia: A “new reality” with 20 years of history


Initial rollout of e-invoicing in Colombia goes back more than two decades, but the big breakthrough for this system will occur in the coming months with the massification model promoted by the DIAN (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales de...

2018: Key year for e-Invoicing in the European Union


Directive 2014/55/EU governs aspects related with e-invoicing in the public procurement system. The ruling focuses on the development of a European standard that ensures the "semantic interoperability" of all invoices issued in the EU.

Italy: PEPPOL system takes over in the Emilia-Romagna Region


Javier García, our “Business Leader” for the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) initiative in Emilia-Romagna gives us the keys to the new e-procurement system, designed to optimize the healthcare supply chain and improve the quality...


E-Invoicing in Latin America

Adapt your billing system to the needs of any Latin American country.