Poland prepares its own electronic invoice portal for November 2018

Poland prepares its own electronic invoice portal for November 2018


Based on the deadline established by the Directive 2014/55/EU which entitles the European Public Administrations to be able to receive e-Invoices from its suppliers, Poland is now working on its own e-Invoicing platform that will allow receiving and sending structured electronic invoices. This portal will be set up for voluntary use as of November 26, 2018. But as of November 1, 2020, public procurement contractors will be required to issue electronic invoices.

Those companies who want to anticipate the Directive can contact us to start their e-Invoicing project, being able to participate in the pilot project that will begin once the platform is open.

The aims of this project are mainly two: digitization of the public procurement processes and standardization of public procurement and electronic invoicing management, reducing the operating costs of enterprises and increasing their competitiveness.

How will the platform work?

The system chosen by the polish government is similar to other systems already in use by other EU countries like Spain with Facturae or France with Chorus Pro. This e-Invoicing model counts on an online portal which will act as intermediary between businesses and the Public Administration.

The standard selected for this model is based on PEPPOL and its infrastructure. So it requires the use of PEPPOL Access Points in order to send the structured invoices to the portal. In 2015, the OpenPEPPOL Association certified EDICOM as an Access Point provider. Accreditation as an Access Point allows EDICOM to connect to the PEPPOL e-Procurement platform and with the rest of the Network Access Points. Through the platform, private companies and governments of countries across Europe can exchange e-documents of any kind: invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, price catalogues, etc.

PEPPOL is a common and interoperable standard, designed to foster the development of cross-border e-Procurement, developed by the OpenPEPPOL association. This standard is being used in the UK, Italy or Norway.

EDICOM, as specialized technologic provider and accredited PEPPOL Access Point, can help the polish companies throughout the whole process of sending an electronic invoice:

  • With an automated and integrated e-Invoicing system, a technological partner like EDICOM will be able to transform the data from the ERP into structured PEPPOL format.
  • EDICOM will also validate that the data in the PEPPOL format is the data required by the system.
  • EDICOM, as PEPPOL Access Point, will be able to easily connect with the portal to redirect the e-Invoice.

Benefits of working with a unique partner for the whole process

Switching to a digitalized model provides important benefits and advantages to companies from the short term besides becoming a more paperless company, like:

  • Enhanced efficiency of administrative processes: Creation and sending are carried out immediately and automatically.
  • Cutting costs: The cost of issuing, sending and filing invoices is drastically curtailed both for sender and recipient. Studies carried out in different scopes have shown that this saving can reach up to 90% compared to traditional billing processes.
  • No human errors: no manual intervention is needed so the possibility of making human mistakes is strongly decreased.
  • Shorter delivery and invoice collection times
  • Enhanced security in business transactions: The possibility of managing billing through communication services such as VANs (Value Added Networks) ensures correct sending and receipt.

One of the biggest advantages of having a global provider like EDICOM is that it is possible to centralize all your electronic communications, even if the company operates in different countries. So, an Italian company may participate in an e-Procurement tender in Spain, France or any other State, using a single solution.

EDICOM’s e-Invoicing platform simplifies the process of sending and receiving electronic invoices in multinational environments. It is the solution for companies that operate in different markets from centralized management systems and have to be able to process these documents according to the legislation currently in force in each country.

e-Invoicing Platform

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