Poland to implement a Central Invoice Register following full adoption of JPK_VAT

Poland to implement a Central Invoice Register following full adoption of JPK_VAT


All taxpayers, from large businesses through to microenterprises, have had to declare the JPK_VAT file to Poland’s Finance Ministry since 1 January 2018. The Finance Ministry has been working on the creation of a Central Invoice Register since the declaration of VAT records in Poland was extended.

The Central Invoice Register in Poland will be a database for the information contained in JPK_VAT files submitted before the 25th of each month. 1.7 million taxpayers currently send this file in SAF-T format which contains all the information on invoices sent and received. The content will be centralized in the new register along with the information reported each month.

The register was created to get the best possible grip on potential tax fraud and handle any discrepancies that arise from crossing data on goods and services bought and sold. The central platform will enable the Ministry to obtain better analytics to inform taxpayers about the status of their VAT statements.

Automate the sending of JPK_VAT

At EDICOM, we offer a fully automated and integrated platform to create and send the monthly JPK_VAT file with VAT sales and purchases records, but also, the on-demand audit files requested by the tax authority. As of July 1, 2018, every business must be ready to be able to electronically issue the other six accounting files in case of a tax audit:

  • Accounting records
  • Bank statements
  • Warehouse data
  • Invoices
  • Tax revenue and expenses ledger
  • Record revenue

Our VAT Platform connects with the major ERPs in the market and automatically generates the structured file. The platform connects securely with the Polish tax authority and sends the JPK_VAT.

Contact our team of experts that will help you set up your SAF-T project in Poland.

The EDICOM VAT platform simplifies communication processes with the tax authorities in multinational environments. It is the ideal solution for businesses that operate in different markets using centralized management systems, and which must be capable of handling and sending tax documents in accordance with the legislation applicable in each country.

Our platform has three main characteristics:

  • Automation: The solution that integrates with the business’ ERP to automate the VAT declaration and any other tax related communication.
  • Centralization: The platform is not only prepared for electronic VAT declarations, but also for electronic invoicing and any other commercial or tax related communications.
  • Internationalization: This is a platform suitable for tax compliance in more than 60 countries throughout the world, making it possible to centralize all procedures in a single solution.

In addition, EDICOM is a Trusted Services Supplier under the eIDAS Regulation, thus ensuring security and trust of the signature services and, thanks to the certification of preservation of qualified electronic stamps, also providing long term electronic archiving capable of maintaining data integrity and providing it with probative value. Thanks to certification by the qualified preservation service for qualified electronic seals, EDICOM has the capacity to preserve the legal conditions of documents and files archived such as electronic invoices with assurances of authenticity and integrity over time.

How to comply with electronic VAT declarations at a global level from a single platform?

Since Portugal introduced the SAF-T file in 2008, other countries such as Spain (SII), Austria, France or Lithuania have also adopted this format to collect businesses’ invoicing information. Hungary is preparing to implement the invoicing information report system as of July 1, 2018, known as RTIR.

To prevent this problem the EDICOM Platform has been created, a global solution for B2B2G electronic communications. Through this platform, companies can submit their EDI electronic invoicing and electronic VAT declaration for any region of the world. It is therefore, possible to centralize all transactions in a single platform, speeding up these tasks and reducing financial costs.

Find out more about this solution in our Global VAT Compliance White Paper.

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