New version 2.1 of Peru’s electronic payment document

New version 2.1 of Peru’s electronic payment document


In Peru, the electronic invoice is known as the electronic payment document (CPE) and is in the advanced phase of implementation. SUNAT is Peru’s tax administration and its Electronic Emission System (SEE) not only affects invoices but sales slips, credit notes and electronic debit notes. The invoice’s XML schema will undergo a transformation from version 2.0 to 2.1.

The mandatory implementation of version 2.1 involves both CPE schemas and consists of two phases depending on the type of electronic issuer.

  • On one hand, new invoicing companies that begin with e-Invoicing as of October 1, 2018, must use version 2.1 of the XML schema.
  • On the other hand, those taxpayers already issuing electronic invoices will have a period of time to transition to 2.1. Using this version will become mandatory on July 1, 2019.

SUNAT, has a tool available to taxpayers so they can verify the complete list of electronic issuers.

As in other Latin American countries, the widespread use of this technology is aimed at reducing taxpayers costs, simplifying tax compliance and improving control of tax invasion.

What changes will version 2.1 of the CPE introduce in Peru?

For each of the documents, various changes will be introduced. The most relevant are:

At the invoice level, there are fields that change their position within the XML such as invoice due date, delivery information and discounts. Other existing fields that include some new data are those for total taxes and total invoices. Optional new fields include:

  • Type of invoice operation
  • Time of invoice issuance
  • Note at header level
  • Billing start and end date
  • Information on public contracts

In credit and debit notes, certain optional fields are entered:

  • Date of issuance
  • Note at header level
  • Item classification
  • Additional properties at the item level
  • Field that indicates the total number of advances

EDICOM’s international invoice platform

EDICOM offers taxpayers an electronic invoicing solution that automates processes and is adapted to the requirements established by SUNAT.

Whether this service is in web mode or integrated with a client’s management system, it transforms data to the required XML schema, guarantees its integrity through an electronic signature and declares the documents to SUNAT.

EDICOM’s platform is prepared to issue the electronic documents to SUNAT, to send them to recipients and to receive them on behalf of recipients.  The solution recognizes two types of recipients. The first is recipients with an electronic invoicing system. In their case, partners automatically receive the electronic payment document in the XML schema designated by SUNAT so that it’s already prepared to be processed by their solution and integrated with their internal management system.

The other type is recipients without an electronic invoicing system. In their case, the invoice is published in the Business @ Mail service, a web portal with high levels of security to which its recipients connect to consult and download the invoices. With this system, the electronic issuer automates 100% of issuing the payment documents, which arrive at their destination.

The automation of the entire flow of issuing, sending and receiving electronic documents simplifies internal tasks in the company and increases the efficiency of administrative processes. It also helps to achieve shorter delivery and bill collection times since the process is instantaneous and integrated directly into the customer’s ERP system.

It is a solution offered in SaaS mode in the cloud, through which EDICOM’s specialized technicians maintain and update the infrastructure.

In addition, the Global E-Invoicing Platform is prepared to issue electronic invoices not only according to the requirements of Peru, but to more than 70 countries around the world. In other words, it’s a complete and scalable solution for any multinational company.

Learn how to handle electronic invoicing successfully in Latin America with our White Paper about the state of the electronic invoice in Latin America.

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e-Invoicing Platform

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