Invoice integration services maximize accounts payable processes in multinational environments

Invoice integration services maximize accounts payable processes in multinational environments


The search for efficiency is one of the maxims of any company. In developing operative models that propitiate it, the Shared Services Centers are a fundamental business value. It’s about centralizing high volume management processes and low strategic level processes. A clear example is invoicing and accounting. Companies are able to free themselves of these operational burdens managed through Shared Service Centers by the different units in their businesses that focus their efforts on strategic tasks.

Central America has become a magnet, attracting foreign investments in recent years and large companies have decided to install Shared Services Centers to process financial transactions. There are several factors that lead companies to bet on this model including reducing costs, avoiding effort duplication or consolidating and standardizing processes across the entire organization.

However, technological investment is key to achieving these objectives. In the case of accounting, and accounts payable, automated electronic invoicing solutions facilitate the Shared Services Centers to streamline collection times and increase efficiency in administrative processes. On one hand, issuing B2G and B2B electronic invoices is mandatory in most countries in Latin America and Mexico and its use is growing at the B2G level in Europe. In Central America, the multinational companies that have opted to use this operating model also need to face the legislative requirements of their immediate environments and those of any country (suppliers, partners) with which the company and its business units work. On the other hand, the reception and full integration of the invoices received in the internal computer system automate the reception, validation and accounting processes.

A global electronic invoicing solution simplifies the issuance and reception processes in multinational environments. It is the solution for those companies that operate in different markets based on centralized management systems and for those that have to be able to process these documents in accordance with the legislation in effect in each country.

An invoice reception solution allows users to:

  • Enable signature verification protocols that guarantee the origin, integrity and authenticity of all documents received.
  • Map the invoice to extract data in the format of the client’s ERP system.
  • Integrate the invoice in the internal computer system.
  • Automate the reception, validation and accounting processes.

The Shared Services Centers that utilize this technology see their investment justified by the advantages it provides such as:

  • Increasing efficiency in administrative processes thanks to the automation and reduction of errors.
  • Increasing productivity in management.
  • Improving the quality of services for example in payments to suppliers.
  • Reducing costs due to improving process efficiency.
  • Eliminating human errors thanks to automating procedures.
  • Making delivery and collection times shorter due to the automation and elimination of errors whose rectification causes delays.
  • Increasing security for commercial transactions.
  • Automating the invoice reception and integration processes.
  • Eliminating daily administrative management.
  • Agile, secure and legal storage of invoices.

EDICOM, as e-Invoicing technological provider, has developed different tools for invoice integration.

If you have work centres in different countries and receive thousands of invoices from your suppliers which need to be integrated into your accounts payable management, you need a solution that lets you:

  • Centralize receipt of invoices regardless of the country they come from, checking that each document meets the technical and legal specifications of each country where you do business.
  • Ensure that each invoice meets your commercial specifications before integrating them into your information systems.
  • Cut costs and optimize your working processes by receiving 100% of invoices from your suppliers in electronic mode.

1. Compliant Inbound e-Invoices

Reception service for international e-invoices with syntactic, semantic and fiscal validators connected to the main international tax administrations.This solution is based on the commissioning of three key services that simplify the reception procedures for all invoices from your suppliers.

  • Invoice reception: EDICOM’s B2B communications network provides your suppliers with several options for secure forwarding of their e-invoices. Our communications infrastructure provides private connectivity through our VAN EDICOMNet, or specific point-to-point communication services via AS2, OFTP2, etc.
  • Legal validation: Our Global e-Invoicing Platform analyses the conformity of all invoices received with the legal and technical specifications in force in each country where you operate. Likewise, the service implements fiscal validators that link up with the relevant tax authority in each case to check that the invoice received has been processed in accordance with each country’s tax regulations.
  • Syntactic and semantic validation: Invoices that pass the legal validation are subjected to a second control process to ensure that they comply with all the specifications set in the platform in aspects such as formats, compatibility with EDI guides or the presence of all the minimum data required.
  • Legal safekeeping: The documents are stored in a high availability data centre under the strictest security standards and subject to each country’s legislation.
  • Integration with management system: Invoices are finally subjected to a data transformation process for integration with your ERP. The platform deploys different administration environments to allow decentralized management and integration by country or region.

2. Partner web portal.

Web integration solution for accounts payable in e-format for suppliers with no e-Invoicing solution. EDICOM’s Partner Web portal is designed to integrate all those partners with an average to low billing volume, who usually send their documents by conventional methods such as postal service, fax or email.

With this solution, suppliers only have to enter their invoicing details in a simple web portal. This way, the documents recorded in the web will act like any other e-invoices, being integrated in your management system. This way, you can save time and cut running costs for your accounts payable department.Here are some solution features:

  • Two-way: Can be used to send purchase orders to your network of suppliers.
  • Invoice issuing assistant: Purchase orders received are taken as the basis to launch the invoice issuing process. This speeds up and simplifies the task of creating new documents for the supplier.
  • Importing invoices: It is possible to integrate data file importing functions. This way, if your supplier is able to generate a structured XML file, or CSV, text, etc., they can implement an import wizard to simplify the invoice issuing process.
  • Legal: The portal implements validation mechanisms that check for compliance of the invoice generated with the technical and legal specifications in force in each country.
Invoice integration services

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