European Union Approves Mandatory B2B e-Invoicing in Italy

European Union Approves Mandatory B2B e-Invoicing in Italy


B2B e-invoicing between private companies in Italy is now official. Italy has obtained European Union approval to implement mandatory B2B e-Invoicing among companies resident in Italy, with a special exception to articles 281 and 232 of Directive 2006/112 / EC.

The Legge de Bilancio includes private transactions in e-Invoicing processes, meaning that companies will be obliged to transmit invoices via the SdI (Sistema di Interscambio) and in the XML format defined by the Agenzia delle Entrate tax authority. All companies are affected and must adapt to the management changes the new law entails.

Budget Law key dates

To comply with this new obligation, companies must take into account two key dates:

  • As of July 1, 2018, the requirement comes into force for those companies with activities related to hydrocarbon fuel supplies for engines or which provide subcontracting or outsourcing services in public tenders.
  • From January 1, 2019, the requirement will be applied across the board for all private companies.

How to adapt to the enforceability of B2B e-Invoicing

The enforceability of e-Invoicing in the B2B sphere will significantly impact all Italian firms when it comes to issuing electronic invoices, but the reception of e-invoices will also be affected, as there will be a very high volume of these, too. In either case, having an electronic solution will allow firms to settle the matter of automating their outbound and inbound invoices.

Through its Public Administration Hub, EDICOM is implementing a secure and direct communication channel with the SdI over the defined communication protocol to send and receive invoices. Our hub is also the platform tasked with receiving status receipts from the SdI and end recipient. On the one hand, the SdI will send notifications of certain statuses in which each invoice is found. On the other hand, a recipient will also be able to process its own notifications to the issuer through the SdI.

Introducing a comprehensive electronic data interchange like the one afforded by EDICOM gives companies a single platform to connect and establish instant and secure commercial relations with any partner anywhere in the world. It also adapts to the needs of each customer (turnover, resources) to offer suitable solutions.

Advantages of the automation of B2B e-Invoicing

Automating inbound and outbound data processes and integration in a company’s ERP system positively impacts:

  • Administrative process efficiency. Invoice generation, issuance and dispatch, cutting times and reducing errors with respect to manual invoice handling.
  • Expenditure, by eliminating paper along with printing, mailing, and filing costs.
  • Human error. Automation reduces and even eliminates errors in generating and sending invoices and receiving and managing incoming ones.
  • Shorter delivery and invoice collection times. Online management cuts turnaround times as dispatch and reception are immediate.
  • Enhanced commercial transaction security. Billing is done using private networks or dedicated protocols like AS2, FTPS, Web Services, etc., while digital signature systems ensure invoice integrity, source, and authenticity.
  • Invoices are received and integrated automatically. Validation and annulment processes can be automated on the basis of the information contained in the document. An electronic document can be integrated into ERP automatically and therefore posted automatically as well, leaving it ready for payment with practically no human intervention.
  • Elimination of paper from daily administrative tasks. This has major cost savings and makes an important contribution to environmental sustainability.
  • Fast, secure, and standard invoice storage. The EDICOM solution provides effective control of the record-keeping system, filing all invoices in accordance with the law.

A global e-Invoicing platform

The e-Invoicing solution for Italy developed by EDICOM functions both for invoicing between private companies and e-procurement with the Public Administration. It is a complete and safe service platform guaranteeing connectivity with any partner or institution.

EDICOM provides its customers with an e-Invoicing platform of a global scope that complies with local requirements and laws. It is a scalable and international solution adapted to the e-Invoicing regulatory requirements of more than 70 countries around the world. It is the solution for companies that operate in different markets using centralized management systems and which must be capable of handling these documents in accordance with the laws in force in each country.

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