DIAN grants more than 1,000 Colombian companies an extension until December to implement e- invoicing

DIAN grants more than 1,000 Colombian companies an extension until December to implement e- invoicing


Colombia is moving towards massive widespread use of e-invoicing.

High income taxpayers were the first to be summoned to implement this model. On June 1, resolution 010 of February 6, 2018 came into force, requiring the large-scale Colombian taxpayers cited in resolution 076 of December 2016 to join the e-Invoicing model in Colombia as of September 1.

However, the DIAN recently published an extension granted to over 1000 businesses that had applied for another three months to adapt to the electronic system. This additional term was granted for justified technological reasons that give rise to impediments to rolling out e-invoicing by September 1, 2018. So, for the taxpayers indicated in this DIAN document, the mandatory start-up date is now December 1, 2018.

From EDICOM, as specialists in e-Invoicing projects, we recommend starting to plan the adaptation to the e-invoicing model as soon as possible, as it involves modifications in the way companies work, both in-house and externally. Specialized EDICOM technicians will study each case to propose and implement the solution that best suits each business.

EDICOM: Technological Provider and Certification Authority

At present, 54 technological suppliers have been authorized by the DIAN to provide electronic billing services, with EDICOM among them. EDICOM is also a Digital Certification Entity authorized by ONAC, which means that it provides digital certificate and electronic signature issuing services.

Thanks to the EDICOM certifications and accreditations, we can provide an all-round service with total guarantees of security and reliability, including generation of the XML, forwarding to the DIAN and the recipient and, finally, the preservation of documents with equal probative value.

Start your project with EDICOM easily and efficiently

EDICOM has more than 20 years of experience in the field of electronic data interchange and e-invoicing. We offer integrated and automated solutions for the issuance, validation, declaration, sending and maintenance of electronic invoices, in compliance with all regulatory requirements. In addition, we have an entire infrastructure of our own that allows us to centralize all the platform management under the SLA service guarantee of permanent development, improvement and adaptation of our solutions.

EDICOM is an international leader in electronic invoicing and has developed e-Invoicing solutions for sending and receiving e-invoices, adapted to the specifications of the countries of origin and destination in which our clients operate. The platform is integrated with the in-house ERP or management system, which automates e-invoicing in compliance with all the legal requirements in any country worldwide, including Colombia. This adaptation entails legal issues that may affect the process of signature, statement and safekeeping of invoices as well as technical aspects related with document formats or the communication protocols to be used.

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