Colombian Tax Authority DIAN selects the taxpayers required to use e-Invoicing

Colombian Tax Authority DIAN selects the taxpayers required to use e-Invoicing


The years 2017 and 2018 will be key in Colombia’s adoption of the electronic invoice. The National Tax and Customs Department (DIAN) has already started to make its use widespread and has announced in a recent draft which taxpayers are obligated to use electronic invoicing in the next three months.

In particular, the DIAN mentions this news in the draft resolution to “those who were taxpayers at the time this resolution was published and those who have requested numbering ranges for electronic invoices as described in Decree 1929 from May 29, 2007 during the previous five years.”

In order to comply with the mandates of this draft, taxpayers required to issue electronic invoices must be approved as e-Invoicing provider by the National Tax and Customs Department.

In an interview, the manager of EDICOM’s Andean region, Cristian Uribe, recommends to start using electronic invoicing soon” rather than waiting for it to become mandatory. If companies implement the electronic invoice voluntarily and in advance they will have more time to review it to see what impact the new system is having on their internal processes.

If you are required to implement electronic invoicing or if you desire to use it voluntarily, please contact us so you can start your electronic billing project as soon as possible.

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