Colombia is getting closer to making electronic invoice usage widespread

Colombia is getting closer to making electronic invoice usage widespread


DIAN, Colombia’s tax and customs administration, divulged plans for a resolution draft which defines the times in which previously selected taxpayers will have to use electronic invoicing in Colombia. Specifically, these taxpayers are responsible parties and withholding agents who qualify as Large Taxpayers in resolution 0076 of December 1, 2016.

As soon as the resolution is published, those selected will have a specific period of time defined by DIAN, to comply with implementing the mandatory e-invoice. There are approximately 3,500 companies that must start their electronic invoice project as soon as possible to be ready to comply with the regulation. By 2018, DIAN expects 50,000 businesses to be using electronic invoicing.

The draft resolution also indicates that those companies selected by the date of publication that show that they issue more than 2,452,749 invoices daily will have an additional three months to start issuing electronic invoices.

The companies that are obligated to use e-invoicing and those that want to take part voluntarily now face the challenge of finding the best technological solutions for their needs. As explained by Cristian Uribe, EDICOM’s Andean Region Country Manager, “those that implement the electronic invoice voluntarily and in advance will be able to measure the impact the new system has on their internal processes as time progresses.

If you are one of those obligated to use the electronic invoice or if you wish to use it voluntarily, please contact us to start your electronic invoicing project as soon as possible.

By publishing this resolution, Colombia takes another step towards the widespread usage of the electronic invoice system. It’s a system that has already matured in several of Colombia’s fellow Latin American countries such as Mexico and Brazil. What is clear is that the next few years will be key in the digital transformation of countries. To face this challenge in the simplest way possible, EDICOM offers solutions adapted to the needs of each country at a global level. 

Start your project with EDICOM easily and efficiently

As a technological provider authorized by DIAN to provide electronic invoicing services, EDICOM has more than 20 years of experience in the electronic data interchange and electronic invoicing sector. We offer integrated and automated solutions for the issuance, validation, declaration, delivery and maintenance of electronic invoices that follow regulation requirements. In addition, we have our own infrastructure that allows us to centralize the platform’s management under the SLA service guarantee of permanent development, improvement and adaptation of our solutions.    

In accordance with our commitment to guarantee the highest quality of service, we have a multitude of certifications and accreditations that confirm information security such as ISO 27001.

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