Chorus Pro Portal: Sending invoices to the French public administration

Chorus Pro Portal: Sending invoices to the French public administration


January 2017 is the starting date for France’s public administration to allow receipt of electronic invoices. Chorus Pro Portal, the inbound hub for bills addressed to the French public administration, allows sending of invoices by different routes.

The start date for the e-invoicing project with the Public Administration in France draws closer every day. January 2017 is the date chosen to officially kick-start a project which in the initial phase will affect large corporations, central agencies and regional authorities. Later, small and medium-sized businesses will gradually be incorporated, with a timeline which aims to reach 100% of French public administration suppliers by the year 2020.

The legal framework of this project is contained in Ordinance No 2014-697, which sets out the features of a system that will affect thousands of taxpayers equipped with different means of delivering their bills to public agencies in France. Given the heterogeneity of suppliers, the Chorus Pro Portal provides different mechanisms for sending bills, distinguished in two main groups: Automatic Solutions and Manual Solutions.

Manual solutions

This option is designed for administration suppliers that issue only a few invoices. This is a basic solution that does not call for any type of technology capacity from the issuer, as it is based on manual registration of the invoice data through web solutions. There are two procedures for issuing e-invoicing manually:

Web Portal

Invoice issuers using this procedure must register their billing data in at least two information systems: in their own in-house billing and accounting systems, and in CPP (Chorus Pro Portal). This is a process that takes time and may give rise to discrepancies between the data recorded on one system and another, so it is advisable that this procedure should only be used by businesses issuing fewer than 100 invoices per annum.

Importing to CPP

In this procedure, senders access the Chorus Pro Portal and instead of manually entering their invoice data, import an electronically signed PDF. Although the method is quicker than the previous one, it involves some limitations, as it is necessary to create the PDFs for each invoice, sign them electronically with a valid certificate and upload them one by one via the portal. In view of this, it is recommendable only for businesses issuing between 100 and 1000 invoices annually.

Automated solutions

These solutions are designed to be integrated with the internal management system of companies, automating both invoice issuing and connectivity with CPP (Chorus Pro Portal) for forwarding to the recipient.

The State Financial IT Agency, AIFE (Agence pour l’Informatique Financière de l’Etat), allows the generation of invoices in INVOICE UBL V2 format and in UN/CEFACT CII (CCTS7NDR v3.0), both in XML language. Once the invoice is issued in one of the formats accepted, the document is forwarded via direct and secure communication protocols like those used with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology.

This procedure is much more secure, reducing response times, ensuring tax compliance and almost completely removing the possibility of making mistakes, which in the mid-term translates into significant economic savings and management improvements.

EDICOM has solutions that let you automate this issuing and sending process for electronic invoices, ensuring the processing of thousands of documents with security and service availability totally assured. Regardless of the particular features considered in each project, the procedure applied can be specified in 5 key phrases.

  • The EDICOM platform takes the data generated by the ERP or accounting information system.
  • Once the data are in the e-invoicing solution, they are transformed and adapted into the XML format defined.
  • Syntactic and semantic validation is performed on the document to check the file structure and ensure that it includes 100% of the content demanded by the AIFE and the recipient Public Administration.
  • The EDICOM platform links up to the CPP (Chorus Pro Portal) through its “Public Administration Hub”, securely sending the e-documents generated.
  • EDICOM maintains connections up with CPP to process the receipt acknowledgements issued by the Chorus Pro Portal, thus allowing traceability checks on the documents, reporting to businesses on the status of their billing at any time.
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