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The electronic invoice will be used voluntarily in Panama starting in September 2018


Immersed in the pilot plan phase to implement the electronic invoice, Panama’s government recalls the benefits that the electronic format will...

Cost Rica's DGT publishes the mandatory deadlines for electronic invoicing


Costa Rica moves towards mandatory electronic invoicing in 2019. Costa Rica's Directorate General of Taxation has published through the DGT-R-012-2018...

Electronic invoicing in Latin America: A challenge for American companies


The consolidated economic relationship between the United States and Latin America has always been favored by geographical proximity and the economic influence exerted between both areas. Naturally, their business relationships are very connected...

Objectives and benefits of electronic invoicing in Colombia


Colombia is immersed in the expansion of electronic invoicing.

How does e-Invoicing in Costa Rica work?


The Ministry of Finance will progressively notify the sectors and activities that should start using electronic invoices. Therefore it is essential that each taxpayer verify that the code and activity detailed in the notice matches the one...


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