Global VAT Compliance White Paper

In this white paper, we explain e-VAT operation, its regulation in the different countries worldwide and how companies can approach their compliance by taking advantage of the benefits of technology.

The Global VAT Compliance Expert Analysis (available in English and Spanish) is a resource designed for companies operating in several countries, or planning to do so. In a global market like today’s, each country continues to issue its own standards. This hinders the adaptation of companies that find technology both a challenge and an opportunity in equal measures.

Ready for electronic tax compliance on a global scale?

Download this White Paper which includes how the indirect tax VAT works, how it is regulated, what its implications are and also:

VAT Compliance White Paper
  • Detailed files on European countries
  • e-VAT return process in Latin America
  • Global EDICOM Platform on e-Invoicing and tax compliance

Download the document

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This is our White Paper on Global VAT Compliance: