Complete guide to B2B electronic invoicing in Italy

How do I adapt my system to B2B e-invoicing?

On April 30, 2018, the Inland Revenue Agency published Measure 30/04/2018 and its technical Annex.

These define the technical standards for the issuing and receipt of invoices between private companies and specifications on billing related to the sale of fuels and services provided by subcontractors or outsourcers.

Everything you need to know about B2B invoicing and how to adapt to the new system.

B2B eInvoicing in Italy
  • The road to e-Invoicing between private companies
  • Characteristics of the B2B/B2C e-Invoice in Italy
  • How does the B2B/B2C invoice work?

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Discover what our white paper has to offer on B2B invoicing in Italy

B2B eInvoicing in Italy
B2B eInvoicing in Italy
B2B eInvoicing in Italy
B2B eInvoicing in Italy