Business Case ENGIE Entreprises & Collectivités

Given the rise in paperless invoices, the growing complexity of energy bills and the key issue of invoice quality, the previous solution weakened the billing cycle, proved complex to maintain and gave rise to regular customer complaints.

Frequent billing delays, a high volume of technical incidents and poor scalability of the solution led ENGIE to launch a project together with a new partner, EDICOM, with a view to completely overhauling this paperless chain.  

During the entire project development process with ENGIE, communication and transparency between the teams proved to be the keys to success. ENGIE kicked off the project by sharing the objectives it had set. The priority was to modernise the existing e-billing solution and make it more reliable.

Business Case Engie
  • Needs and Solutions
  • Key Aspects of the Project
  • The Technological Platform
  • Deployment of Collaborative Tools

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