EDICOM Global e-Invoicing Platform | What it is

EDICOM’s e-Invoicing platform simplifies the process of sending and receiving electronic invoices in multinational environments. It is the solution for companies that operate in different markets from centralized management systems and have to be able to process these documents according to the legislation currently in force in each country.

Service availability guarantee. EDICOM develops its solutions in ASP (Application Service Provider) mode and promises uninterrupted operation of its solutions 24 hours a day. Hiring any solution gives immediate access to an international support service that deals with queries in 7 different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Dutch).

Total integration with your management system. EDICOM’s Global e-Invoicing Platform integrates with your management system, making all the changes and adaptations required for your documents. Everything takes place transparently to the user and with no need for any changes in their IT infrastructure.

The broadest platform. The platform is currently ready to handle electronic invoices in line with the legislation in force in more than 30 states in Europe and America, and new countries are constantly joining.

Constantly updated. Through the International e-Invoicing Observatory, EDICOM actively manages knowledge to keep your solution constantly updated in line with the regulatory changes that regularly take place in the different countries involved (formats, fiscal control processes, communications, signatures, etc.).