Resources | e-Invoicing in-depth

E-Invoicing in Latin America

Adapt your billing system to the needs of any Latin American country.

E-Invoicing in Chile

Adapt your accounting system to the mandatory e-invoicing model in Chile.

E-Invoicing with the Public Administration in France

Learn about the public sector fiscal dematerialization project in France.

E-Invoicing in Turkey

Adapt your billing procedure to the requirements of the Turkish system.

E-Invoicing platform of the GVA (Generalitat Valenciana)

e-Invoicing as a modernizing factor in Spanish public administration.

E-Invoicing in Brazil: NF-e | CT-e | NFS-e

Get to know one of the world’s most advanced e-invoicing systems.

Electronic data exchange in Public Health

Get to know the electronic data interchange platform developed for the Andalusian Health Service (SAS).